Floraïku Launches Poetry in a Perfume in Larger Sizes

The dark side of flowers
Perfume as a poem
O Floraïku


Floraïku has expanded its beloved perfume portfolio with larger sizes for three of its most iconic scents.  The cult French fragrance house enchantingly bottles the spirit of Japanese haïku poetry, with every striking scent expressed as a haïku written by co-founder Clara Molloy.  To capture the essence of traditional haïku, Floraïku perfumers travel extensively in Asia sourcing the purest ingredients to create fragrance collections rich in oriental allure.  Every element has its own place and expresses an emotion.

The graphic universe of Floraïku has now expanded into a brighter, bigger, and more playful collection with 100ml sizes featuring spectacular new designs.  The magnificent and imposing yokai, mythical animals in Japanese folklore, transform the bottles for all to savour with delight and abundance.  The stunning new packaging is inspired by the art of origami and the Floraïku flagship store, presenting a modern, precious, and vibrant composition.  Each hand-sewn, lacquered cotton canvas
featuring a gold-plated
illustration illuminates the haïku of the fragrance.


Now available in 100ml sizes:

The Ceremony: Shadowing

Play with your shadows
Give your fragrance a new twist


Shadowing is a way of playing with the intensity of a fragrance throughout the day through layering.  The light shadow, Sleeping on the Roof, brings freshness to a scent, while the dark shadow, Between Two Trees, adds power.  They are both designed to complement all Floraïku fragrances and to be worn side by side, like a shadow, or worn separately as a unique fragrance.

Between Two Trees Eau de Parfum 100ml

With grapefruit oil, mate absolute, and vetiver oil as key ingredients, dark shadow adds power to Floraïku perfumes.

Nose: Alienor Massenet

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Sleeping on the Roof Eau de Parfum 100ml

With lily of the valley, orange blossom oil, and amber musk as key ingredients, light shadow brings freshness to each Floraïku fragrance.

Nose: Alienor Massenet

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The Ceremony: Enigmatic Flowers Ikebana – the dark side of flower

Second ceremony is enigmatic flowers
Each petal
Is indigo


The Cricket Song fragrance belongs to Floraïku’s Enigmatic Flowers collection inspired by the ikebana ceremony – the elegant Japanese art of arranging flowers, leaves, and branches to create a new form of beauty.  A key floral note distinguishes each fragrance.

Cricket Song Eau de Parfum 100ml

This nostalgic, woody, and powdery floral scent stars the magnolia flower.  Bergamot and vetiver oil complement the magnolia’s heady aroma to create a dry sweet fragrance, reminiscent of sultry summer nights.

Nose: Alienor Massenet

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