Dr. Barbara Sturm

Anti-Pollution Drops


About the product:

Air pollution and blue-light radiation emitted from our computers and phones can degrade skin barrier function and cause skin health disorders.  This serum protects the skin with a shield against environmental stressors, promotes the skin’s own natural barrier function, and combats the oxidation and inflammation caused by pollutants.  Its innovative protective complex includes French Polynesian marine microbe extract, cocoa seed extract, and disodium EDTA.

Key benefits:

  • Marine microbe extract derived from French Polynesian microorganisms recondition the skin to better adapt to climatic changes, and diminish dull skin for a healthier look;
  • Cocoa seed extract helps the skin combat signs of digital ageing such as dryness, oxidation and inflammation; 
  • Disodium EDTA deactivates heavy metal ions, and purslane repairs damaged cells and protects against free radicals.

Tips: Dispense a full pipette of Anti-Pollution Drops into the palm of your hand and apply to the face, eye and neck areas using a gentle patting motion.

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