Dr. Barbara Sturm

Brightening Face Cream


About the product:

This 24-hour moisturiser helps minimise dark spots over time and promotes even skin tone, while granting an instant glow with its subtle shimmer particles.  Extracts of cress sprouts combat dark and yellowish spots, hyaluronic acid provides intensive moisture, ginseng protects against UV-induced environmental stress, and vitamin E fights free radicals for clear, glowing, nourished skin.

Key benefits:

  • Refines uneven skin tone and helps diminish the appearance of unwanted pigmentation;
  • Boosts luminosity and refines skin texture for a brighter and more youthful appearance;
  • Anti-ageing ingredients help rejuvenate the skin and combat the oxidative stresses that cause premature ageing and dark spots.

Tips: Apply in the morning and evening, gently patting around the face and neck.  In the morning, also use a cream with sun protection factor (SPF) to prevent the formation of new dark spots.

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