Natura Bissé

Diamond White Serum


About the product:

An intensive and corrective treatment that radically lights up your skin like a brilliant diamond, this triple-action serum contains a cocktail of smart molecules formulated with scientifically renowned active ingredients that banish the build-up of dark areas and diminish discolouration, reduce inflammation, brighten and even out skin tone, and leave the complexion with a silky-soft feel.

Key benefits:

  • Restores luminosity, clarity, and radiance to the skin.
  • Exclusive Melanoreductyl peptide and glycolic, phytic, dioic, and maslinic acids regulate melanin production, lighten spots, and deliver a more even tone.
  • Glycolic acid and hydrogen peroxide polish the skin surface and fade dark spots.


Tips: Apply daily, morning and night, to your entire face, neck, and décolletage.  Focus on visible dark spots and areas prone to hyperpigmentation.  Don’t forget other exposed areas like your hands.  If you are using the serum during the day, it’s essential to finish your treatment with sunscreen.

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