Dr. Franz Rebirth Dual Mask System (2 Sets)


About the product:

Regenerate your skin cells and strengthen the skin barrier with this clinic-grade, restorative mask featuring Tissue X™ technology, 3 growth factors, 12 vitamins, 23 amino acids, 5 minerals, super-lower-molecular hyaluronic acid, and more. Exclusively available at JOYCE Beauty, the potent anti-ageing formulation protects against environmental damage, restores skin volume, locks in moisture, and soothes stressed skin.

Key benefits:

  • Regenerates and strengthens skin to protect against environmental stressors.
  • Boosts collagen production and restores skin volume.
  • Prevents the signs of ageing, deeply moisturises, and soothes skin irritation.

Tips: Apply the Enriching Mask to cleansed, exfoliated skin. Apply Boosting Essence (Elixir) to the Sheet Mask. Place the Sheet Mask on top of the Enriching Mask and leave on for 20–25 minutes. We recommend using the Dr. Franz Rebirth Dual Mask System twice a week for two weeks and then reduce to once a week for long-term maintenance.

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