Tata Harper

Elixir Vitae


About the product:

The most powerful wrinkle solution

This super-potent serum penetrates severe wrinkles to recondition the skin with plumpness and volume.  Formulated for deep lines and wrinkles, loss of firmness and elasticity, and dryness, it comprises 31 natural sources to minimise the look of severe wrinkles, 4 natural sources to volumise the look of skin, 11 natural sources of antioxidants, and 26 natural sources of plumping hydration.

Key benefits:

  • Quadruple neuropeptide technology: Four natural sources of neuropeptides help relax and reduce the look of even the most severe wrinkles.
  • Kelp polymers + pistachio tree crystal tears: Encourage healthy cell communication to minimise the visible signs of ageing and restore youthful volume.
  • Argan fruit + jugo bean: Boost fat cell activity to address the skin ageing caused by the natural decrease of cell communication and epidermal thickness that occurs as we age.
  • African birch bark: Helps to restore a firm, youthfully resilient appearance by protecting and improving the incorporation of vitamin C.

Tips: Massage one to two pumps into your face and neck.  Use daily in the morning and evening.  To maximise results, apply a Tata Harper essence first and then apply the serum while your skin is still damp.

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