Dr. Barbara Sturm

Exoso-metic Face Serum


About this product:

Exosome is a smart messenger for cell that directly helps activate and revive the skin cells. Harnessing the technology of skin communication, the Exoso-metic Face Serum is a concentrated and potent rejuvenating serum that delivers intensive skin-renewing by supporting the skin’s own natural rejuvenation mechanisms for youthful firmness and radiance.

Key benefits: 

  • Provides anti-oxidant effect; complexion looks youthful, healthy and radiant;
  • Helps support and strengthen the overall health of the skin;
  • 90% of users agree skin elasticity has improved.

Tips: Apply to a clean face, neck, décolleté. After a few minutes, apply your preferred moisturiser to lock in your skin’s moisture. 

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