Tata Harper

Fortifying Moisturizer


About the product:

28 high-performance ingredients

This supremely silky moisturiser cocoons and calms dry, damaged skin with moisture-retentive polysaccharides that fortify the skin barrier and provide nourishment to delicate skin.  Equipped with an ‘extremophile endurance technology’ that can filter allergens, shield skin from environmental aggressors and help to keep your complexion from overreacting, it leaves your skin calm, hydrated and defended.

Key benefits:

  • Mondo root: rebalances the microbiome, supports the skin’s natural immune defence system and restores skin homeostasis to diminish flare ups;
  • Rose of Jericho: improves moisture levels, optimises the skin matrix to rejuvenate weak, damaged skin;
  • Microalgae peptides: acts as an allergen micro-filter, protects sensitive skin against sensitisers and aggressors.

Tips: Apply after eye treatment. Massage 1 to 2 pumps onto face and neck. Use AM & PM. For the perfect finish, use the Fortifying Moisturizer after the Radiance Mask for a protective cocoon that locks moisture in and keeps stressors out.

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