Seoulista Beauty®

3-Pack Gold Glow Instant Facial™


About the product:

The Ace up its Sleeve: Instant Facial Advanced Clinic Formulation uses a second-skin transfer system, where the next-generation bio-cellulose transmits the powerful serum deep into the dermis.

A two-time award-winning advanced clinic formulation, this mask contains a powerful cocktail of over seven botanical ingredients that work together to cleanse, brighten and firm the skin, including 100% pure primrose oil and Bulgarian Rose extract for the ultimate restorative and anti-ageing treatment.

Key benefits:

  • 100% pure primrose extract: regulates the functioning of the oil glands, increases elasticity and treats a host of skin conditions from acne to eczema.
  • Bulgarian rose oil: intensely nourishing, perfect for moisturising, soothing and rejuvenating dehydrated or stressed-out skin.
  • Adenosine: boosts the production of collagen and elastin, improving your skin’s structure so that it appears younger and smoother.

Tips: Cleanse thoroughly before application. Remove mask from packaging, unfold and peel off protective film. Press the moisturising face mask to your face and peel off the outer layer. Allow the serum to infuse for 20 minutes before removing, smooth the remaining serum into the skin.

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