Hair Restoration Starter Kit


About the product:

The perfect package for healthier, head-turning hair, this starter kit supports the optimal hair growth cycle and addresses the most common causes of hair loss while diminishing oiliness. The products work together to fight hair loss while nourishing the scalp externally and internally for quick results.

Key benefits:

  • The powerhouse trio supports the hair growth cycle for optimal hair fullness.
  • A synergy of potent active ingredients, including numerous botanical extracts, jump-starts healthy-looking hair.
  • Notice a less-oily scalp in a few days as the kit blocks oil production from DHT.  

Tips: MD Scalp Essentials: Apply a small amount to the scalp once per day. MD Follicle Energizer: Using the precision brush, apply to the scalp once per day. MD Nutri Hair: Take one small capsule daily.

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