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Heaven Can Wait


About this product:

The new scent is Jean-Claude Ellena the perfumer’s sensual journey in warm spice: clove, pimento ambrette and carrot seed are joined by the sophisticated beauty of iris to create this eternal seduction, conveying an aristocratic warmth that drew one in and invite embrace.  

Fragrance note:

Top notes: clove, ambrette, carrot seed 

Middle notes: iris, vetiver 

Base notes: vanilla, peach, musk

About the perfumer:

Born into a family of perfumers from Grasse, Jean-Claude Ellan was introduced
to the art of developing fragrances as a teenager. Self-taught, he defines his
creations as a “poetry of memory”. Everyday smells – wax floors, clean sheets,
skin, an old sweater – are some of his great inspirations. His signature is simple,
minimalist, and modern.
As a disciple and close friend of the legendary Edmond Roudnitska (creator
of “Le Parfum de Thérèse”), Jean-Claude Ellena began his career with a
minimalistic approach to perfumery. Since then, he has developed this
approach into his own distinctive style, which is continually informed by his
elegant and quiet way of being and has been compared by his contemporaries
to watercolor sketches and chamber music. Jean-Claude says that a perfume
must be like “a soft caress; nothing must shock, nothing must shout”.

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