Microbiome Blemish Mask


About the product:

Clarifying, calming, balancing

Best for: blemishes & congestion

A gentle exfoliator that simultaneously clears and calms the complexion, this pre- and post-biotic mask works to regulate bacteria within the skin’s natural microbiome to facilitate a fortified and balanced barrier. The complexion is calmed, and imperfections are immediately lessened.

Key benefits:

  • Alpha hydroxy acids remove the top layer of dead skin cells, thicken the skin’s deeper layers, and promote firmness.
  • A postbiotic complex supports inflammation, immunomodulatory, and antioxidant activity while improving gut barrier function.
  • A prebiotic complex stabilises sebum production, enhances good bacteria, and balances the microbiome.
  • Rosemary hydrolat calms irritation while reducing redness and boosting hydration.
  • Colloidal silver reduces inflammation, fights bacteria, and stimulates elasticity.

Tips: Apply a generous amount to clean skin or focus on areas of concern following your usual skincare regime. Due to its high level of active ingredients, recommended usage is 2–3 times per week.

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