Neckle Ray Plus+


About the product:

The one and only 360-degree coverage neck-care device provides rejuvenation not only for the front, but also the sides and the back of the neck!  Just like the Platinum LED Mask, Neckle Ray Plus+ emits three types of effective wavelengths to strengthen and reinvigorate the neck area.   Clinical study shows that, with consistent use over a long time, neck wrinkles are reduced while skin elasticity, contours and texture improve. 

Special features: 

  • Using patented LED and NASA-derived technology, the mask provides 153 Near Infra Red (NIR) & 153 Blue wavelength (BWL) – 306 LED lightbulbs in total
  • Flawless 360° care all around the neck

Tips: Used on cleansed neck.  Apply neck cream and allow to absorb, put on the device and power on.  For best results, use three times a week; 5-20 minutes per session.

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