Weissbad: Enamel Highlighter Mouthwash (Strong Mint)


About the product:

Boosted with their patented technologies, long-lasting Weissbad mouthwash brightens your smile, freshens your breath and gives your teeth a smooth, freshly polished feeling. Its strong mint flavour will wake you up in the morning. 

Key benefits:

  • WX Formula strengthens tooth enamel and guards against cavities for a healthier, sparkling smile;
  • Protects your teeth against acid erosion, stains and discolouration from food and drink;
  • Contains no alcohol so it won’t dry your mouth or irritate sensitive teeth and gums;
  • helps prevent tooth sensitivity.

Tips: Use Weissbad after brushing your teeth in the morning by swirling half a capful around your mouth and in between your teeth before expectorating.

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