Y Theorem Repair Light Serum NAC Y²


About the product:

This lightweight alternative to the iconic Y Theorem Repair Serum packs all the punch of the original formula but with a lighter texture. Perfect for humid environments and post-acne scarring, it supports collagen production to diminish the appearance of fine lines and wrinkles. Added brightening agents help to target pigmentation.

Key benefits:

  • NAC Y2 provides the optimum environment for collagen and elastin production and reduces the effects of environmental damage.
  • Vitamin B3 restores important lipids in the skin while providing anti-inflammatory and brightening properties to combat discolouration and blemishes.
  • A powerful botanical tyrosinase inhibitor brightens, evens skin tone, and reduces hyperpigmentation.

Tips: Massage a small amount of serum into your face and neck using a gentle patting motion. Apply a day or night cream on top of the serum.

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