Be “Superkind” to Your Skin

For those of us who suffer from reactive skin, we know all too well NOT to be experimental with new skincare products.  When a simple bar of soap or washing detergent – indeed any product loaded with fragrance and other irritants – can trigger inflammation, rashes or itchiness, we have learnt to settle for safer, less exciting skincare (bye bye acids!).  Until, that is, Tata Harper came along.  Inspired to give people with reactive skin the powerful results they’ve been missing out on by developing gentle formulas their skin can tolerate, Tata Harper has managed to solve this paradox after one year of research and two years of formulation.  Now, with the launch of her latest skincare collection, Superkind, it’s safe to say that skincare for reactive skin will never be boring again.

Powerful yet gentle

While you may have inherited sensitive skin or just developed sensitised skin over time, reactivity is the sign of a weakened skin barrier.  And because a strong, functioning skin barrier is meant to protect against stressors, irritants and other allergens passing through the skin, a weak barrier essentially leaves your skin defenseless.  Tata Harper knows that reactive skin is complex, and that’s why she believes the best solutions for it should be too.  After a year of research, Tata Harper discovered 36 new ingredients from 13 different countries – all meticulously selected for reactive skin, and developed stress-free formulas that exclude a comprehensive catalog of 85+ common irritants and allergens that can trigger reactive skin and further compromise a weak skin barrier.

Stress-free formulas

  • No sulfates
  • No exfoliants
  • No beta-hydroxy acids
  • No tree nuts
  • No wheat
  • No gluten
  • No soy
  • No fragrances
  • No essential oils

With the latest Superkind collection, reactive skin can finally experience all the anti-ageing, radiance-restoring benefits it’s been missing out on: these products will fortify the skin barrier, defend against stressors and keep skin calm.  All three products from the line are rigorously tested for skin reactivity and listed as SkinSAFE Trusted Choices.  To learn more visit


18 high-performance ingredients

This dermatologically tested, nourishing, creamy cleanser is infused with a micro-foaming botanical blend that lathers into a dense, luxurious foam to gently dissolve buildup and impurities.  Designed with a ‘constructive cleansing technology’ using multifunctional cleansing ingredients and a nutrient-rich lipid complex, this gentle cleanser doesn’t strip the skin while it works to gently dissolve buildup and impurities, leaving skin clean, calm and conditioned.

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28 high-performance ingredients

This supremely silky moisturiser cocoons and calms dry, damaged skin with moisture-retentive polysaccharides that fortify the skin barrier and provide nourishment to delicate skin.  Equipped with an ‘extremophile endurance technology’ that can filter allergens, shield skin from environmental aggressors and help to keep your complexion from overreacting, it leaves your skin calm, hydrated and defended.

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14 high-performance ingredients

The soothing, gel-cream mask uses a gentle self-neutralising AHA blend to dissolve dullness and dead skin cells without over-exfoliating or stripping. Sugar prebiotics restore microbiome balance and a ‘sugar carbohydrate complex’ delivers intense and lasting hydration to reveal smooth, radiant and healthy-looking skin.

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