Beauty sleep up a full notch

Do you know when we sleep, our nervous system switches to a parasympathetic state in which the skin cell regeneration almost doubles?  This process of renewal is the process of shedding the epidermis.  Whilst we’re sleeping, the skin moves from protect to repair mode: essential hormones such as Melatonin and HGH start to rise and accelerate skin's repair and cell regeneration, helping the body to detoxify from excess metabolic and oxidative damage and to fight off free radicals, whilst preventing further damage (such as wrinkles, lines and hyperpigmentation) from occurring.  The formation of various layers of the skin reveals time and again the healthy glow that we once take for granted.

JOYCE Beauty | Dr. Barbara Sturm Super Anti-Aging Night Cream

This process of exfoliation happens naturally when we are young with a usual 28-day turnover time, but as we age and cellular skin functions slow down; detoxification (our skin's ability to repair the effects of oxidative stress), becomes less effective, cell renewal decreases and the skin produces fewer natural oils, whilst free radicals and oxidised protein waste accumulate, preventing the skin from effective repair and regeneration.  For most adults under 50 years old, the cycle lasts between 28-42 days.  While the process itself can be a downhill slope, there is always helping to fight this uphill battle.

JOYCE Beauty | Dr. Barbara Sturm - Super Anti-Aging

Dr. Barbara Sturm announces the launch of the newest addition to her high performance Super Anti-Aging Collection, and the companion to her bestselling Night Serum, the Super Anti-Aging Night Cream, to boost your skin’s regeneration process for a glowing, vibrant complexion.

JOYCE Beauty | Dr. Barbara Sturm - Super Anti-Aging Night Cream

Super Anti-Aging Night Cream optimises the skin’s detox processes with a special peptide from the Avocado, which helps eliminate oxidised protein and helps the body regenerate proteins, lipids, and cells that have been damaged during the day due to free radical oxidation.  It also contains an exclusive DBS Night System™ - a three-fold, advanced science system which fully supports the skin’s nocturnal renewal processes and leaves cells completely hydrated so that they’re able to function effectively and focus their energy on repair and rejuvenation.