Give Your Skin a Caffeine Fix With Terre de Mars

Perk up your beauty routine with Terre de Mars – the first natural, clean beauty brand focused on coffee-based, gender-neutral, and organic-certified products made entirely in France. The highly concentrated, beautifully luxurious formulas combine potent natural ingredients carefully selected for their skin biocompatibility and sensorial richness. The beauty baristas at Terre de Mars draw inspiration from traditional wisdom and modern techniques to create the most powerful, pure formulations with proven benefits, working primarily with coffee, precious oils, and other wonders from nature.

Conscious, coffee-based cosmetology
Like liquid energy for your complexion, each Terre de Mars product is a fusion of the nourishment of nature and the most advanced skin science, formulated from bioactive and probiotic ingredients that deliver vital nutrients to the skin. All Terre de Mars formulas are COSMOS certified according to Ecocert standards. Their ingredients are neither tested nor derived from animals, and they are certified by PETA as cruelty-free and vegan.

The brand’s chic, minimalist packaging is designed to be refillable and is crafted primarily from glass and thick PET – the most widely recycled material in the world. All Terre de Mars formulations are also created, manufactured and stored in France, minimising their carbon footprint.

001 Resurgence Scrub
Body and face exfoliator

This exfoliating powder combines natural and organic ingredients – including coffee, aloe vera, shea butter, and bamboo stems – selected for their revitalising benefits. The nourishing and protective ingredients eliminate cellular debris for softer and more hydrated skin while acting against acne, psoriasis, redness, brown spots, and stretch marks.

004 Resonance Hair & Body Oil 
Antioxidant-rich and firming oil
This body and hair elixir encapsulates antioxidant-rich and nourishing oils that restore radiance and smoothness. A unique concentrate of 13 powerful bioactive ingredients such as caffeine, castor oil, and jojoba oil deliver tonicity, radiance and nutrition to the skin and hair. It’s a beautifully nourishing and revitalising treatment for your hair or beard.
006 Resilience Hand & Body Cream 
Whipped nourishing cream
This ultra-light cream is formulated with powerful bioactive ingredients, including caffeine, chamomile, aloe vera, and shea butter to firm, soothe and hydrate. It’s quickly absorbed and deeply nourishes, providing all the nutrients your skin needs. The natural freshness of its texture and the fragrance-free formula respect sensitive skin, and the non-greasy finish leaves the skin soft, velvety and luminous.

007 Insurrection Hand Wash 
Softening hand soap
Featuring bioactive ingredients such as coffee extract, argan oil, and rosemary extract, this gentle hand cleanser targets stressed hands and leaves the skin perfectly clean, velvety and soothed. Formulated for frequent use with a refreshing aroma, the sublime cleansing gel will gently and effectively wash your hands without drying them.
008 Reddition Body Cleanser
Nourishing body soap
Suitable for all skin types, this organic, aromatic and gentle cleansing gel contains powerful bioactive ingredients such as coffee, rosemary extract, and verbena oil to tone, purify and protect the skin while aloe vera nourishes and smoothes. Low-foaming and aromatic, it leaves the skin completely clean, refreshed and toned without drying it out.
010 Irreverence Nourishing Shampoo
Protective and nourishing shampoo
This organic, nutrient-rich shampoo is formulated with coffee extract, rosemary leaves, aloe vera, and almond protein to leave the hair soft, silky, luminous, and scalp-soothed. It gently frees suffocating hair from residues, neutralises limestone, and tones fibres. Ideal for all hair types, it cleans, refreshes, and allows the hair to regain its radiance and suppleness.
011 Imminence Body & Hand Nourishing Milk 
Body and hands nourishing milk
Infused with bioactive ingredients such as coffee extract, aloe vera, and sunflower oil, this body balm leaves the skin completely smooth, supple and fragrant. Organic, low-foaming and aromatic, it is suitable for all skin types and can be repeated during the day as needed, focusing on dry areas that need a burst of nourishment.

018 Remanence Hand Sanitizer

Protective and moisturising hand sanitiser

This non-drying antiseptic gel hand sanitiser is formulated with 72% ethyl alcohol extracted from beet as well as vegetal glycerine. Instantly sanitising and hydrating and allergen-free, it is fully compliant with European standard EN14476 (virucidal activity against enveloped virus including coronavirus).

019 Reddition Revitalizing Shampoo

Refreshing and revitalising shampoo

Return vitality and nourishment to your hair thanks to this revitalising shampoo formulated with organic active ingredients and suitable for all hair types. Leaving the hair soft, silky, luminous, and scalp-soothed, it allows you to wash your hair gently while bestowing it with radiance and suppleness. Enjoy its delicate scent of verbena for a moment of self-care.

Purifying Remanence Hand Sanitizer Set

Protective and moisturising hand sanitiser + whipped nourishing cream

This set containing 018 Remanence Hand Sanitizer (500ml) and 006 Resilience Hand & Body Cream (100ml) is designed to ensure impeccable hand hygiene and hydration. The non-drying antiseptic hand sanitiser is formulated with 72% ethyl alcohol extracted from beet as well as vegetal glycerine and is fully compliant with European standard EN14476 (virucidal activity against enveloped virus including coronavirus). Follow with the luxuriously light hand cream formulated with powerful bioactive ingredients to nourish and deliver all the nutrients your skin needs.