Introducing Commune: Balance in Nature and Beauty

A commune is a group of people that share common interests, thoughts, values, and beliefs. This sense of community and a commitment to positive change underpin a new name in luxury beauty: Commune. The sustainable, self-care brand founded in the British countryside is crafted for those who appreciate the abundance of beauty and generosity inherent in nature. It channels moments that ignite our sense of togetherness, such as bright, quiet days spent roaming the rolling hills in search of new sights or lively evenings spent eating, laughing and sharing with close friends and family. This appreciation for the beauty in the details inspired Commune to build a new community of change-makers and like-minded people. All through clean, natural, and plant-based beauty that brings you closer to nature with every drop.

JOYCE Beauty | Commune

Commune at its core

Balance in nature

Nature is our reprieve – an escape from the frenetic energy and pace of modern life. It’s where we discover beautiful colours, intoxicating fragrances, and vibrant textures to calm our minds and reset our bodies. It’s where we return to ourselves and uncover our true thoughts, values and beliefs. And yet, we become so easily disconnected from it. Our global mindset shifts us away from local living and towards expansive, remote consumption that takes an ever-increasing toll on our world. We lose sight of the importance of caring for the environment we live in, caring for others around us, and caring for ourselves. We look to nature’s lush, generous landscapes in our search for a more balanced life. For real connection. For beauty. And for a return to true community.

JOYCE Beauty | Commune

A true connection between people is the driving force behind the Commune ethos. This is about togetherness being part of something bigger than the individual, creating a sense of belonging, connection and collaboration. It’s like-minded people coming together to achieve great things that would never be possible if we acted alone. Togetherness is also a representation of conscious living, generosity of spirit, openness of heart, and an appreciation for the natural bounty of the world around us. There is no hierarchy to Commune: it’s a home for people of all ages, genders and backgrounds. It’s where we can create new ways of seeing and being.

JOYCE Beauty | Commune


Commune’s approach to design is rooted in the notion that the only way to create a truly sustainable product is to build it yourself from start to finish, carefully selecting the right materials and never cutting corners. With this in mind, elements such as bespoke, reusable pumps and highly recyclable aluminium bottles blend the brand’s functional tenets with an elevated aesthetic. While global sourcing ensures the finest range of materials and ingredients, all formulations are produced in the UK with a commitment to supporting local businesses. With no single-use plastics, 99% naturally derived ingredients, and no harsh chemicals, this is guilt-free nourishment.

JOYCE Beauty | Commune

Nature’s scents

All Commune formulations are clean, natural, and plant-based, making them just as kind to your skin as they are to the world and meaning your personal indulgence doesn’t come with hidden costs. Commune scents are also formulated using carefully researched natural wisdom and ingredient combinations, so they not only feel and smell great but also help us reconnect with ancient ways of being in the world – with the changing seasons and nutrients we can draw from the soil. Commune exists to bring about a return to this more natural rhythm, to create a lifestyle that can exist in harmony with the world around us.

JOYCE Beauty | CommuneThe Seymour scent

Commune takes a perfumer’s approach to soap formulation with potent botanicals laden with ripe fruits and grounded in warming woody tones. From geranium to grapefruit, galbanum to cypress, the brand’s signature scent, Seymour, is as layered as nature herself. Each product also has its own carefully selected natural butter or fruit oil, ranging from shea and cocoa, sea buckthorn, rosehip, sweet almond, and jojoba to nourish and support the health of your skin.

Top notes:

  • Grapefruit, North America - Uplifting and mood-enhancing
  • Lemongrass, India - Anti-inflammatory and invigorating

Heart notes:

  • Geranium, Egypt - Balancing and relaxing
  • Clary sage, France - Restorative and soothing
  • Lavender, Bulgaria - Calming and protecting

Base notes:

  • Galbanum, Iran - Healing and detoxifying
  • Hiba wood, Japan - Cleansing and supportive
  • Cypress, Spain - Grounding and bracing

JOYCE Beauty | Commune

Mindful design

Every aspect of Commune’s design process is driven by a responsibility to nature. Instead of using single-use plastics, the brand’s distinctive bottles are made with aluminium – the most widely and easily recyclable earth material. Packaging and shipping are kept to a minimum with generously sized bottles of 500ml and 750ml. The combined display and shipping box also reduces excess packaging, and all the paper and cardboard are certified by the Forest Stewardship Council. The bespoke metal pump is lovingly crafted and inspired by an antique design and will become an object you’ll want to reuse with every future purchase.

JOYCE Beauty | Commune

The creators

Commune was founded by husband and wife Rémi Paringaux and Kate Neal as a direct reflection of their personal and professional experiences. Born and raised in the cultural centres of Europe and having lived in wellness-minded locations around the globe, Kate, Rémi, and their family now call the English countryside home. Collectively, their professional experience ranges from high-profile roles in luxury fashion, sustainability, wellness, art and design, and the study of natural perfume. With Commune, they seek to create a return to a simpler, more harmonious way of living that starts with the self but ultimately extends into our surroundings and communities, bringing people together and celebrating the world at our doorstep.

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