Introducing FRAMA: Aromatic Revival Rituals

A healthy mind and a healthy body go hand in hand – a philosophy that underpins every element of FRAMA.The Copenhagen-based, multi-disciplinary brand encompasses meaningful design solutions with self-care treatments that inspire the senses and encourage mindful living.  Everything FRAMA creates is made to awaken curiosity and inspire discovery, promoting a slower, more reflective, and balanced lifestyle.

FRAMA’s self-care range harnesses the therapeutic, skin-softening benefits of essential oils and botanicals and
is infused with two gender-neutral scents – Apothecary and Herbarium.The aromatic body care and hand care lines are formulated with rich, natural, and organic ingredients and provide an invigorating and refreshing experience that supports healthy skin and sustains long-lasting hydration.It’s time to relax and refresh with honest, mindful skincare.

The self-care series

Apothecary collection: Calm and relax

Notes: Sandalwood, cedar, ylang ylang
Aroma: Citrus, floral, woody

Apothecary is FRAMA’s signature scent and features a rich blend of calming ingredients that offer a warm and well-balanced aroma with a soothing effect.Sandalwood is a classic warm and woody note used in Buddhist temples for its meditative properties.Cedarwood has grounding and calming effects on the mood and warming effects on the skin.Ylang ylang has a deep, rich aroma with slightly sweet, earthy, green, and floral notes and is well known for its therapeutic benefits, such as soothing anxiety and promoting relaxation.


Herbarium collection: Boost and brighten

Notes: Orange, juniper, rose, ho wood
Aroma: Herbal, floral, woody

Herbarium was created by FRAMA in collaboration with Be My Guest – a creative studio based in Seoul, South Korea. 

Orange is an uplifting note, increasing happiness and enhancing cognitive function.Juniper berry adds a bracing, exhilarating touch to fragrances with piney nuances.  Rose brings a fresh, clean energy.Ho wood – a tall evergreen tree native to Asia with a spreading canopy made of glossy, bright green aromatic leaves – emanates a sweet, woody-floral scent with a delicate balsamic herbaceous undertone.