Prepare to Repair with RéVive

Our skin barrier is our body’s first line of defence against the outside world and can be easily damaged by external aggressors like harsh or changing weather conditions, exposure to chemicals and irritants, pollution, lifestyle factors, and poor sleep.  As we age, our skin barrier also loses some of its natural stamina.  However, if we look after it correctly with the right skin-calming ingredients, we can rebuild our skin barrier and keep our complexions under control and fighting fit.


Skincare scientists RéVive have been busy in the lab perfecting the ultimate calming influence for our skin – Sensitif Calming Serum.  Specially formulated for those experiencing stressed, irritated, or reactive skin from elements such as sun exposure, treatments, over-exfoliation, or using too many actives, this ultra-restorative serum soothes the complexion, rebuilds the protective skin barrier, and replenishes moisture.  It’s time to push the reset button.

Sensitif Calming Serum

Powered by a blend of potent skin-calming ingredients and antioxidants, this lightweight serum helps improve signs of skin irritation that can be caused by daily skin stressors or professional skin treatments.  RéVive’s signature Bio-Renewal Peptide renews and repairs, while niacinamide improves uneven tone and strengthens the skin barrier.  A blend of yogurt, caffeine, liquorice, chamomile, oat kernel, jasmine, and mangosteen calm and reduces redness, and natural ingredients like green tea and vitamin E soothe, nourish, and protect.

Proven results:

In an independent research study (after four weeks of use as directed):

  • 97% of participants said their skin felt stronger, soothed, repaired, and restored, with:

- improvement in skin barrier

- less visible redness

- more even skin tone.

In an independent research study (after just one use as directed):

  • 94% of participants said their skin felt instantly calm, soothed, relieved, and hydrated.

Tips:  Apply morning and night to cleansed skin.  Follow with Sensitif Renewal Cream in the morning and Sensitif Repairing Night Cream in the evening for a complete skin recovery regimen.