Protection Perfection With RéVive

Get your glow on while protecting against dehydration, climate change, and free radical damage with the newest addition to RéVive’s iconic Renewal Collection – the Moisturizing Renewal Oil Triple Defence Hydrator.  RéVive’s founder, the plastic and reconstructive surgeon Dr Gregory Bays Brown, identifies climate change and environmental damage as a major threat to skin health, accelerating the ageing process and damaging the skin barrier. This new, lightweight yet deeply hydrating facial oil is formulated to wage war against these aggressors. Intensely nourishing the skin barrier, the advanced formula helps the skin feel rejuvenated, protected, and healthy in every way.

Moisturizing Renewal Oil
Powered with our signature Bio-Renewal Peptide, this deeply hydrating oil is formulated to protect skin against dehydration, free radical damage, and environmental aggressors.  Intensely nourishing the moisture barrier, this advanced formula renews the skin day and night for a smoother, nourished, and more youthful-looking complexion.