RéVive and Renew Your Skin

In our ultra-hectic, ultra-digital world, it’s difficult to avoid the culprits of skin damage like environmental toxins, dehydration, and lack of sleep.  However, the skin science leaders RéVive have crafted the ultimate ‘repairman’ for your skin, Peau Magnifique Serum.  Available now at JOYCE Beauty, this transformative treatment mimics the skin repair process to help slow the visible signs of ageing for skin that’s good as new.  It’s the only RéVive product that combines all three of their powerful Bio-Renewal peptides, supercharged with boosters to amplify benefits and efficacy.  It’s time to start fresh!

This age-defying serum kick-starts skin renewal, helping to reduce fine lines, increase skin firmness, minimise the appearance of deep lines, and restore facial fullness in as little as four weeks.  The advanced formula is powered by RéVive’s signature Bio-Renewal, Bio-Firming, and Bio-Volumizing proteins that are supercharged to amplify youth-activating benefits.  They work synergistically with a breakthrough Quad Drone Delivery System to provide targeted results.  The powerful nightly serum can also be used in between Peau Magnifique 28-day treatments.

Research results:

After four weeks of use in which subjects used Peau Serum and a control moisturiser nightly:

  • 100% of subjects had improved moisturisation;
  • 97% of subjects had a reduction in fine lines;
  • 97% of subjects had a reduction in deep lines and wrinkles.

Subjects then stopped using Peau Serum but continued using a control moisturiser nightly for four weeks to test whether Peau Serum could kick-start skin renewal and provide ongoing results:

  • 100% of subjects had a reduction in fine lines;
  • 100% of subjects had a reduction in deep lines and wrinkles;
  • 100% of subjects had an improvement in skin firmness in just six weeks.

The eight-week study proved the power of Peau Magnifique to jumpstart your skin renewal.