The Signature Scents of Australia

Take a stroll along sun-kissed Bondi Beach or through the world’s oldest surviving tropical rainforest and discover the unique aromas of Australia.  Inspired by the pristine nature, artistic vibrations, and relaxed lifestyle of ‘the land down under’, Black Blaze blends significant Australian life moments into luxurious home fragrances and décor.  From nature-inspired scented candles to eye-catching sculptural objects, every Black Blaze design will bring a stylish touch to your living space and make you feel right at home.

The name Black Blaze is inspired by the native Australian wildflower, the Banksia. During the country’s warmer months, Australia experiences backburning and bushfires, and afterwards, something grows from the black blaze left behind: the Banksia.  As fire engulfs the wildflower, Banksia seeds shoot into the settling ash. This ash acts as a source of food and nourishes a new Banksia to grow in its wake. This circle of life inspires the mission of Black Blaze – to invite you to unleash your nomadic side and take the trip of a lifetime through scent.

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