Dr. Barbara Sturm

Balancing Scalp Serum


About the product:

Maintaining a healthy scalp, with a balanced microbiome, is essential to prevent itching, dandruff, redness and excessive oiliness and to effectively deliver the nutrients needed for healthy hair growth.  The Balancing Scalp Serum is an ingredient science-rich treatment which restores the scalp’s natural balance for optimal hair health.

Key benefits:

  • Japanese Camellia, Brown and Green Algae and Lavender: soothe the appearance of irritation, redness and itching and reduce flakiness caused by a dry scalp;
  • Sunflower Sprouts and Tara Extract: protect the hair and scalp against heat, pollution particles and UV stress;
  • Cationic Hyaluronic Acid: boosts hydration

Tips: Use in tandem with the Balancing Shampoo for hair that is velvety-soft, tangle-free, robust and glossy.  Distribute the serum on the scalp and thoroughly massage into the hair roots.  Do not wash out (the serum does not leave the hair greasy).  Can be used on both dry and wet hair/scalp.  As the product contains highly concentrated active ingredients, please use sparingly.

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