Dr. Barbara Sturm

Balancing Shampoo


About the product:

Dandruff is a benign condition which affects about 45% of the population.  Research shows that 66% of people with dandruff experience itching, 59% experience scalp irritation and 25% experience feelings of tightness.  The Balancing Shampoo cleanses the hair deeply yet gently, while restoring the scalp’s natural balance for optimal hair health.

Key Benefits:

  • Japanese Camellia, Brown and Green Algae and Lavender: soothe the appearance of irritation, redness and itching and reduce flakiness caused by a dry scalp;
  • Pro-Vitamin B5: promotes the resiliency of the hair shaft and achieve an ‘anti-splitting effect,’ improving hair condition;
  • Purslane extract: provides an anti-itching effect

Tips: Massage into wet hair (allowing 1-2 minutes to work in), then rinse thoroughly.

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