Dr. Barbara Sturm

Body Wash


About the product:

This luxurious and mild body wash cleanses the body without stripping the skin of natural oils or moisture. Hyaluronic acid, prickly pear, sweet almond extract, and almond oil intensely moisturise, nourish and soothe. Purslane extract contains antioxidative properties that help protect the skin membranes from free radicals. The gel formula forms a velvety, delicate foam and is suitable for all skin types – including sensitive skin – leaving the body soft, smooth and clean.

Key benefits:

  • Gently cleanses without removing natural oils or moisture from the skin.
  • Intensely nourishes, soothes, and delivers anti-ageing benefits.
  • Reduces the appearance of skin irritation; fragrance-free and colour-free.

Tips: Apply 1–2 pumps to your hands and gently massage into wet skin. Rinse off thoroughly.

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