Derm Institute

Daily Defense Protection SPF 50+ PA++++


About the product:

Derm Institute’s advanced hydrating sunscreen is enriched with a powerful anti-oxidant complex, broad spectrum SPF50+ PA++++ protection and ground-breaking anti-pollution technology.  Its leading-edge anti-oxidant complex helps fight free-radical damage while protecting and preserving the skin, and its lightweight tinted texture blends seamlessly into the skin without affecting pores.  

Key benefits:

  • TiO2: physical sunscreen with high refractive index. Causes less skin irritation than other UV-absorbing chemicals.  Strong UV light-absorbing capabilities protect the skin from ultraviolet light damage;
  • EXO-P™: biomimetic shield that forms a mesh able to entrap PM2.5 and remove it from the skin’s surface to prevent and reduce pollution-induced damage. Protects skin and cells against urban pollution, thus fighting premature ageing and irritation;
  • Xanthophyll: a powerful antioxidant that absorbs harmful blue-light rays and reduces the premature signs of ageing induced by damaging visible light that surrounds us every day.

Tips: Suitable for all skin types.  Apply after serum and before foundation or makeup.

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