Natura Bissé

Dry Body Oil – Energizing


About the product:

Breathe in vitality

Not only does this citrus oil deeply nourish, but it is like a vitamin supplement for the soul. Infused with citrus fruits, cypress, sage, and rosemary, it tones the skin and restores its full luminosity with a satin-soft finish. Feel how it fills you with joy and happiness. Walk away feeling energised and refreshed.

Key benefits:

  • Vitamin- and mineral-rich carrot oil provides antioxidant and anti-ageing benefits.
  • Essential oils of citrus fruits, lavender, cypress, sage, olive, and rosemary leaves energise the mind and body.
  • Grape seed oil and sunflower oil deeply nourish the skin.
  • The powerful antioxidant vitamin E boosts skin hydration.

Tips: Apply to dry or damp skin, massaging gently until completely absorbed. Add a few drops to your body cream for intensive hydration or to your bathtub for a sensorial bath. It’s perfect for boosting vitality after a shower and before your morning workout.

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