Editions de Parfums Frédéric Malle

En Passant


About the product:

A whiff of lilac.

In the spring, when women slip on their cotton dresses and warm their skin in the sun, a soft breeze, full with the scent of budding lilacs, sweeps across the countryside. A breath of cucumber absolute in a streamlined lilac accord gives the perfume an airy freshness, while the scent of a woman’s skin is bound up in wheat, cedar and white musk.

Woman like a spring wind.

Fragrance note:

Top: Streamlined lilac, cucumber

Base: White-musk, cedar

About the perfumer:

Staunchly independent, Olivia Giacobetti founded her own laboratory, Iskia, after training as a perfumer at Robertet. The perfumes that touch her "are often echoes of everyday life and nature, endless sources of inspiration. A fleeting emotion, a mood, a detail, an attitude, as many small fragments of life that carry new wishes with them".
Her compositions mix a profound simplicity and a very contemporary sophistication.

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