Dr. Barbara Sturm

Face Cream Rich


About the product:

Specially formulated for dry and mature skin, this luxurious blend of nutrient-rich oils combined with highly active compounds eliminate fine lines, boost collagen, and create visibly firmer skin.  As soon as you apply this rich cream, highly active compounds get to work both superficially and deep inside the skin’s cells for instant results.  Fine lines will disappear and your face will be visibly firmer.

Key benefits:

  • Offers 24-hour skincare while reducing redness and inflammation for a more youthful, nourished complexion;
  • Designed to make the best use of purslane, an active substance with outstanding regenerative, anti-inflammatory, antioxidative and moisturising properties;
  • A complex of vitamin E, shea butter and panthenol provides intense hydration for a soft and supple result.

Tips: Apply to the face, neck and décolleté each morning and evening after cleansing.  During the day, wait five minutes before applying sun protection.  Suitable as a night cream but also recommended as a day cream for dry, mature, or sensitive skin during the winter months.

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