Hair Restoration System


About the product:

This two-step daily regimen revives your hair’s natural thickness, length and beauty. The latest hair care technology is combined with peptides, marine extracts, and cytokines to optimise the scalp environment for fuller, healthier hair. Follicle Activator encourages dormant hair follicles to enter the growth phase, while Follicle Energizer supports the hair’s natural growth cycle.

Key benefits:

  • Encourages dormant follicles and supports the hair’s natural growth cycle.
  • Addresses hair loss due to hormonal, environmental and nutritional issues.
  • Protects against environmental stress while improving moisture, shine and manageability.

Tips: Every night, apply MD Follicle Activator to an oil-free and dry scalp where hair loss is most prominent. Do not rub in. Follow with MD Follicle Energizer, sweeping the product onto the areas of hair loss. Let the product absorb overnight. You don’t need to shampoo every day, but the product will penetrate best into a cleansed scalp.

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