Dr. Barbara Sturm

Hand Wash


About the product:

A hand wash that actually nourishes your skin.  Dr. Barbara Sturm’s mild Hand Wash thoroughly cleanses the hands without removing the skin’s natural oils and moisture.  The gel formula forms a velvety, delicate foam which is suitable for frequent hand washing, as well as sensitive skin and leaves the hands feeling soft and smooth.

Key benefits:

  • Fragrance and colour-free and contains skin-friendly, plant-based tensides derived from coconut oil and glucose which provide a light foaming action that cleanses without drying out the skin;
  • Aloe vera, glycerin and panthenol provide the skin with intensive moisture and essential skin soothing;
  • Herbal plant complex helps to restore the skin's natural protective shield.

Tips: Apply one or two pumps to wet hands and lather by rubbing them together.  Rinse off thoroughly with lukewarm water.

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