Dr. Barbara Sturm

Hyaluronic Serum


About the product:

Packed with highly concentrated long- and short-chain hyaluronic molecules that provide intensive hydration, this easy-to-apply serum functions as a super booster against wrinkles.  Used regularly to prevent wrinkles caused by dehydration, or as a refreshing treatment, its instant effects include tangibly firmer, intensively hydrated skin that leaves you looking refreshed and radiant.

Key benefits:

  • Can be easily dispensed using the practical pipette bottle, making it perfect for daily use, as an intensive treatment, or when traveling;
  • Short-chain molecules penetrate deeper into the skin for long-term hydration, while long-chain hyaluronic acid provides more immediate hydration;
  • Includes anti-inflammatory and anti-oxidative purslane and skullcap that nourish and protect your skin, while boosting telomerase activity in cells.

Tips: Squeeze one full pipette into the palm of your hand and apply it evenly to your face before gently patting it in.  After 30 seconds, when the serum has been absorbed, apply a face cream.

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