Laser Mist & Glide Refill 30 Days


About the product:

The first time a clinical grade laser this powerful can be used safely at home!  Low level laser has long been used by physiotherapists to treat various Musculoskeletal condition.  Unlike other at-home lasers, which typically range from just 5 to 20 milliwatt in strength, Lyma from London has packed a powerful 500 near-infrared low level laser into this sleek beauty tool that addresses wrinkles, C-section scars, acne, sagginess, pigmentation, thread veins and cellulite at a cellular level – all with its anti-bacterial blue light, deliver constant, monochromatic power able to penetrate every layer of the skin into the fat and muscle tissue beneath with zero damage to cells.  15 minutes of daily use can truly transform your skin.  Completely safe to use at home and is totally pain free.

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