La Bouche Rouge

Le Sérum Noir Mascara


About this product:

The first mascara housed in 100% recycled glass with 99% natural ingredients and no petrochemical derivatives, Le Sérum Noir delivers volume and definition from the very first application while enhancing lash growth. A powerful combination of castor fibres and jojoba oil thickens, lengthens and lifts the lashes from root to tip, bringing density and glamour to your gaze.

The bottle and brush – 100% recyclable

The Le Sérum Noir bottle is designed for your glass recycling bin after use and to never end up in nature. Crafted in France using traditional glassmaking methods that draw upon a hundred-year-old savoir-faire, this is the first brush in the world without microplastics and is instead composed of castor bean oil fibres. The wiping ring is made from plant-based materials, while the cap is fashioned from infinitely recyclable metal.

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