La Bouche Rouge

Eyebrow Serum gel


About this product:

The first eyebrow serum housed in a 100% recycled glass bottle, Le Sérum Sourcil will naturally set and tame your brows for a clean, lasting finish. The formula contains 93% natural ingredients, including pistachio oil that stimulates keratin production to enhance eyebrow hair growth, and green caviar extract – a microalgae cultivated in Okinawa, Japan, with protective, anti-ageing properties.

The bottle and brush are 100% recyclable.Each part of the Le Sérum Noir bottle can be placed in your glass recycling bin after use. Crafted in France using traditional glassmaking methods that draw upon a hundred-year-old savoir-faire, this is the first brush in the world without microplastics and is instead composed of castor bean oil fibres. The wiping ring is made from plant-based materials, while the cap is fashioned from infinitely recyclable metal.

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