Dr. Barbara Sturm

Lip Balm


About the product:

Developed as the perfect cure for dry, cracked lips, this super-nourishing balm is infused with plant-based oils, butters and waxes, restoring comfort and offering long-term moisture while protecting against dehydration.  A must-have in your winter handbag, the lip balm’s formula is rich in moisture, but feels light when applied to your lips, leaving them with a velvety shine.

Key benefits:

  • Rich, nourishing formula that soothes and hydrates; an immediate pick-me-up for dried-out, weather-ravaged lips;
  • Shea butter, avocado oil and beeswax replenish softness and elasticity, while vitamin E provides an antioxidant barrier;
  • Free from parabens, silicones, fragrances, and mineral oils.

Tips: Smooth liberally onto the lips as needed, especially in dry, cold or windy weather.

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