La Bouche Rouge

The Lip Care Set


About this product:

Perfect your pout with this seven-day lip care routine for plump, smoothed and hydrated lips, comprised of two essential steps: The Scrub, a natural micro-activating peel that exfoliates and smoothens your lips instantly, and the Night Serum, a rich and hydrating formula that visibly reduces fine lines.

Step 1: The Lip Scrub

Soften and smoothe your lips with this 99% natural exfoliating scrub formulated with precious vegetable oils and cranberry grains selected for their quality and traceability. The scrub gently removes dead skin, stimulates cell renewal, and restores radiance to the lips. Apply by delicately massaging in a circular motion on the first and fourth day of the treatment for a shapely, plump and smooth pout.

Step 2: The Night Serum

This 97% natural lip mask, infused with a powerful blend of cold-extracted natural oils and vitamin E, acts during the night as an envelope to repair and deeply nourish your lips. Firming the lips and reducing fine lines, it’s the ideal preparation before applying an ultra-pigmented lipstick or a touch of colour for a natural, nude look. Apply it generously at the end of the day for seven days.

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