Dr. Barbara Sturm

Microbiotic Hydrating Blemish Control HA Serum


About this product:

Empowered by Hyaluronic Acid, Tiger Grass, Pre- and probiotics and Maclura Leaf Extract, the HA serum intensively moistures and balances the skin for a more even, clear complexion. With regular use, the complexion is balanced and rejuvenated, and breakouts and blemishes are reduced.


Key benefits:

  • Intensively moisturises and balances the skin for a more even, clear complexion;
  • Provides potent soothing and regenerating properties;
  • Supports the skin's own defence mechanisms and rebalances the skin microbiome.


Tips: Pour one pipette length of the serum into the palm of the hand and gently pat over the face. Follow with the Microbiotic Balancing Face Cream.

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