MINI+ Starter Kit


About the product:

Shape your face on the go in just minutes with the all-new, FDA-cleared Mini+.  The petite, professional device uses app-exclusive NuFACE 3-Depth Technology to effectively target your skin and muscles, instantly blurring fine lines and wrinkles and giving your face a tighter, lifted look and a toned, contoured appearance over time.

Key benefits:

  • Microcurrent mimics and gently re-energises the body’s own natural current, helping to tone, lift, and contour.
  • Works in combination with Microcurrent Skincare with IonPLEX® to send microcurrent down to the facial muscles.
  • The NuFACE app pairs with the device to tailor your experience and track your progress.
  • Small and easy to use for advanced microcurrent skincare that goes where you go.

Tips: Apply a few drops of ionized super boosters to your fingertips and massage into clean, dry skin until fully absorbed.  Using the clean sweep brush, apply a mask-like layer of your favourite microcurrent activator in sections as you lift.  Perform glides/holds using your Mini+ device.  Finish with eye cream and moisturiser, and don't forget SPF.

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