Philip B

Peppermint Avocado Scalp Scrub


About the product:

This luxuriously rich shampoo sea salt scrub gently polishes the scalp to remove dirt, oil, and product build-up to create the bouncy, full hair you’ve always dreamed of. Carefully curated ingredients including sea salt, avocado, peppermint, and eucalyptus oils exfoliate and energise the scalp, while a blend of witch hazel water, arnica flower extract, and aloe leaf juice refreshes and cleanses.

Key benefits:

  • Natural botanicals soothe, balance and energise the scalp while hydrating, nourishing and softening the hair.
  • Sea salt exfoliates and promotes healthy circulation.
  • Creates a tingly-cool sensation, invigorating your scalp and senses.

Tips: Apply to wet hair and gently massage into your scalp, gradually adding water to lather. Leave on for up to 5 minutes and intermittently massage before rinsing well.

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