Professional Whitening Bolt Pen


About this product:

This on-the-go whitening innovation helps stop teeth stains before they start.  Apply the whitening BOLT and enjoy your favourite coffee, tea, wine, fruit juice, or berries and lock out stains for up to six hours.  The Calprox-infused formula powerfully whitens and helps improve shine while promoting healthy teeth and gums. It’s the best way to maintain your white smile while still enjoying all the drinks and foods you love.  

Key benefits:

  • Safe, gentle, and clinically proven to whiten teeth without causing sensitivity.
  • Effective on stains from things like coffee, tea, wine, tobacco, juice, and berries.
  • Coats your teeth enamel to prevent new stains from forming for up to six hours.
  • Works on natural teeth and all dental restorations.

Tips: Smile and brush a thin layer of the gel over your teeth.  Do not rinse.  For best results, wait 30 minutes before eating or drinking.  Use up to three times per day.


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