Rose Gold Illuminating Eye Mask


About the product:

Delivering potent brightening ingredients to the eye area to stimulate natural radiance, this under-eye treatment will uplift, illuminate, and awaken the fragile periorbital region.  It’s the ultimate weapon to rekindle your natural glow in a soothing and nourishing hydrogel body.

Key benefits:

  • NatrianceTMinfuses the skin with amino acids, peptides, and proteins for a greater glow, while pomegranate seed cell culture brightens and reduces pigmentation.
  • Anti-inflammatory and anti-ageing colloidal gold saturates the skin with antioxidants and minerals to naturally illuminate.
  • Rose extract reinforces the skin’s moisture barrier to protect against external aggressors, ensure water retention, and soothe any irritation.

Tips: Remove the mask from the protective films on both sides, and then apply the middle sheet under each eye for 20 minutes. 

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