Scalp Essentials


About the product:

Full, gorgeous hair begins with a healthy scalp. This physician-formulated thickening scalp treatment controls itchiness, irritation, dandruff, flakes, and mild hair loss. A synergy of powerful ingredients energises the scalp, address excess oil and congestion, and leave the scalp environment feeling revitalised and fresh.

Key benefits:

  • Aids the growth of brittle and fine hair and tackles hair shedding.
  • Corrects oily scalp and decongests hair follicles, clearing any build-up.
  • Soothes and protects, reduces itchiness, and works well as a dry shampoo.

Tips: Part your clean hair into different sections and apply directly to the scalp using the dropper. Massage in gently. For itchiness, irritation, dandruff, flakes, or hair loss: Apply one full dropper to the scalp every day for one to two weeks or until symptoms have improved.

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