About this product:

Wake up tired eyes with this advanced anti-ageing device that’s supercharged with four LED wavelengths to hit the deeper layers of the skin, ramping up collagen production and kick-starting skin healing.  Eighty professional-strength LED bulbs work together to reduce the appearance of crow’s feet, 11 lines (frown lines), eye bags, and dark circles for a fresher, more youthful eye zone.


Special features:

  • Four powerful LED wavelengths target areas of concern, such as elasticity, dark circles, and eye bags, without any harmful UV light effect.
  • The hands-free device is pain-free, comfortable, and easy to use.
  • Use it 6 times a week to see results in as little as 8 weeks.


Tips: Prep clean, dry skin with cream or serum and place the device over the eye area.  After three minutes of treatment, the device will automatically switch off.  Finish with a moisturiser.

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