Skin Radio Frequency Device


About the product:

The Skin RF Radio Frequency Skin Tightening Device uses the best anti-ageing technology on the market for younger-looking skin in just 5 minutes per treatment area. Loved by celebrities to reverse the signs of ageing, radio frequency technology is clinically proven to instantly deliver skin tightening and youth-preserving results. 


Key benefits:

  • Provides a skin-tightening effect from the comfort of your own home;
  • Enhances skin radiance, smoothes skin texture and achieves an overall fresher, more youthful complexion;
  • Works with your body’s natural processes to stimulate collagen production.


Tips: Remove all jewellery from the treatment area, before applying a liberal layer of gel to clean, dry skin. Use once a week for 8 weeks, then treatments can be topped every 4-8 weeks to maintain long-term results.

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