Dr. Barbara Sturm

Skin Recovery [Repair Food]


About the product:

Skin Recovery supports and nourishes the body’s own repair mechanisms to combat the visible signs of irritation as we age. Each capsule contains a concentrated dose of the flavonoids boswellic and ellagic acids that help the body deal with oxidative stress, as well as purslane to calm the skin and help prevent premature skin ageing.  
Key benefits: 

  • Helps the body fight the visible signs of irritation as we age. 
  • Works at a molecular level to combat oxidative stress while calming the skin. 
  • Supports our joints, muscles, and organs, including our largest: the skin. 
  • Combined use with Skin Super Anti-aging will create a radiant and healthy skin matrix. 

Tips: Take two capsules each day with water. Combine with Skin Super Anti-aging for best results.  

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