Skin Refill


About this product:

Refill your elegant hammered copper vessels every month to keep your skin miracle alive. Each refill contains a monthly supply of LYMA Skincare Serum and Cream. Formulated by pioneering geneticist, this skincare duo tackles all eight mechanisms of ageing with its Genolytic™ technology, the ultimate skincare powerhouse to go with your clinic grade LYMA Laser. 

Key benefits:

  • Accelerates skin renewal even during oxidative stress and reduces wrinkle formation;
  • Supports oxygen and nutrients in Skin cells, increases elasticity for smoother skin;
  • Boosts skin hydration barrier function by 150% and increases skin hydration by 72%

Tips: Double cleansing enables optimal absorption of the active ingredients in LYMA Skincare. After using the laser on your skin, massage three pumps of LYMA Serum into your skin and follow with the LYMA Cream.

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