Swiss Smile

Snow Glow Whitening - Two Tooothbrushes


About the product:

The unique swiss smile medium soft toothbrushes filaments absorb considerably less water than customary toothbrushes, resulting in thei lasting dimesional stability. Custom designed micro cleaning particles on the brush’s exterior bristles remove plaque and persistent stains gently and effectively without any wear to the particles themselves. The densely arranged filaments in the middle of the brush head gently polish and clean tooth surface. A small, compact brush head and octagonal handle allow for the brush to be held at a perfect angle for gentle and effective cleaning of even the most hard-to-reach areas in the mouth. Whitening toothbrushes – available in white and trasparent – are the perfect companions for the swiss smile whitening toothpaste. 

Key benefits:

  • Medium soft
  • Dense and whitening bristles for highly efficient cleaning
  • Small brush head cleans even the most hard-to-reach areas
  • Octagonal handle for optimum brushing angle

Tips: Apply a hazelnut-sized amount to your toothbrush and hold like a pencil. Position at 45° angle by placing your thumb on the slanted surfaces of the octagonal handle. In small circular movements - half on the gums and half on the tooth – gently and carefully clean all of your teeth.

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